Pyromania Tour’97 ~Crime Scene~ (VHS: 1997.10.22 DVD: 2002.12.18)
Film The Blood Muzik 80min. Riot (2002.06.26)
The Judgment Day -2003.1.4. Live at Budokan- (2003.03.26)
Blast List -The Clips- (2004.12.22)
Crazy Crazy ~Live & Document~ (2006.03.26)
Crazy Crazy II ~Road on Flames~ (2006.12.6)
Live And Let Ride (April 2009)
Crazy Crazy III -With The Unfading Fire- (2010.03.17)
-Complete Clips- (2012.11.13)
Crazy Crazy IV -The Flaming Freedom- (2014.03.26)
CRAZY CRAZY V -The eternal flames- (2016.03.16)
J 20th Anniversary Live FILM [W.U.M.F.]-Tour Final at EX THEATER ROPPONGI 2017.6.25-